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Geographic Advising & Site Selection

As companies grow—whether that be new offices, new locations, new plants, or new markets—we help them understand more about each market, from detailed demographics to qualitative analysis to making introductions on the ground.

Aeriel View of New York



There are a huge number of factors to consider in geographic expansion. We analyze the data, conduct on-the-ground visits, and put together detailed reports specific to the needs of your organization and your goals.


Political Analysis

What tax breaks might be available to you? How do wage laws impact your ability to hire? Are there other risks to consider? We map all of that against your goals and work with organizations to make the most informed possible decisions.

Town View


Introductions and Contacts

As you think about growing and expanding, we make introductions to people on the ground—mayors, civic leaders, business people, and more—to help better understand the market and to have strong relationships on Day 1.

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