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Wind Turbines

Energy & Climate

We have experience working with elected officials, policymakers, and other government agencies to advance energy projects, especially in clean energy and in innovative new technology that require multi-faceted and often nuanced approval processes.

Solar Energy


Navigating the Landscape

Depending on the scope of your work and your project, understanding the subsidies and support available, the approvals needed, and what can be done concurrently vs. sequentially is critical in getting investments made as quickly as possible.


Regulatory Approvals

We work with you to identify the right agencies, policies, and policymakers to engage. Furthermore, we can help avoid political roadblocks, guide you to the right stakeholders, and make a complex process smoother wherever possible.

Clean Energy
Electric Car


Intersection of Climate and Transportation

When it comes to government funding, support, and policy, energy and transportation policy go hand-in-hand, requiring a robust understanding of energy and climate policies that we help navigate.

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